Country Burundi
Year 2017
Type of Measure Coordinated and or Integrated service delivery > Integrated services delivery
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

As part of the "Emergency Project against Sexual Violence and Gender-Based Violence, Women's Health in the Great Lakes Region (PUVSBGSF-RGL), in addition to the existing center, three other centers have been opened and are functional since February 2017 in three provinces, namely Cibitoke, Makamba and Muyinga. For example, from January to June 2018, the three integrated centers provided holistic care for 1,020 SGBV survivors (416 in Cibitoke, 343 in Makamba and 216 in Muyinga).

Source of Information

Burundi's submission for National Review for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Beijing+25, 2019, p.32.