Country Comoros
Year 2017 - 2019
Type of Measure Policies > National strategy specific to violence against women
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

A national roadmap to combat violence against women and minors in the Union of the Comoros 2017-2019 has been validated by the government. The general objective of this roadmap is to come up with a proposal for a national strategy to combat violence against women and minors, with a view to ensuring a coordinated response to the phenomenon of combating violence in the Union of the Comoros. , by involving all the categories of population concerned, the implementing authorities and the technical and financial partners.
The specific objectives of this roadmap are to:
- Implement a plan to combat violence against women and minors in the Comoros, including early and forced marriages, specifically committed against women and minors, in order to make visible the phenomenon of gender-based violence. gender to better prevent it, in particular through a participatory approach, and to ensure that victims have access to their rights, particularly in terms of protection and care.
- Strengthen the capacities of existing structures responsible for combating violence against women and minors in the Comoros by making material, human and technical resources available according to the needs previously identified for medical, psychological and social care. victims' legal system;
- Establish a solid prevention system through the collection, analysis and production of data and the dissemination of information adapted to the socio-cultural and geographical context of the Comoros;
- Protect victims in accordance with international standards and by offering care adapted to their situation, taking into account the means available on the ground
- Improve the coordination of interventions aimed at eliminating cases of violence against women and minors at the national and local levels, and rationalize the efforts of institutions, associations or development partners.

Source of Information

Comoros's submission for National Review for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Beijing+25, 2019, p.24.