Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Year 2014
Type of Measure Justice > Protocols and guidelines
Form of Violence Sexual violence

Brief Description

The United Nations Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO) supported the deployment of 18 female magistrates and the strengthening of 7 specialized cells for the repression of sexual violence within the civil prosecutor's offices in eastern DRC , according to circular No 375/D.008/30/IM/PGR/SEC/2014 of the General Prosecutor of the Republic (PGR), relating to the installation within the high courts of the special cells for the repression of offenses of sexual and gender-based violence, from February 6, 2014. Thus, from January 1 to October 31, 2017, there were a total of 1,726 cases of sexual violence recorded in the seven special cells; 643 judgments rendered, including 460 convictions.

Source of Information

Democratic Republic of the Congo' submission for National Review for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Beijing+25, 2019, p.41.