Country Mali
Year 2011
Type of Measure Violence against women > Legislation
Form of Violence Child, early and forced marriage

Brief Description

Article 10 of the Marriage and Guardianship Code states that a marriage is not valid unless it is entered into with the free consent of the spouses. Such consent must be expressed by each spouse, aloud and in person before the Civil Registry official.


Article 15 of the Marriage and Guardianship Code and article 133 of the Civil Registry Act provide that any Civil Registry official who celebrates a marriage without confirming that both spouses are entering into the marriage with their free and full consent will be punished by imprisonment and/or a fine. Article 26 of the Marriage and Guardianship Code provides that any marriage entered into without the free consent of both spouses may be subject to a petition for annulment by the spouse whose free consent was not given.

Source of Information

CEDAW/C/MLI/2-5, p. 63