Country Morocco
Year 2008
Type of Measure Policies > National action plan specific to violence against women
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The Ministry of Justice and Liberties has adopted an action plan to improve care provided for women and children and the protection of women from violence. The action plan was commenced by creating units to care for women and children and devising a plan to upgrade the judicial work in this respect as follows: (I) Improving the performance of the women and chidren care units by (a) Supplying these units with the necessary human resources, equipments, and furnishings and (b) Facilitating access to unit services and coordinating between the units and the other partners; (II) Enhancing the women and children care units' intervention capacities and mechanisms by creating uniform qualitative standards for the units' work; (III) Fostering integration between the tasks and capacities of major care providers for women and children by (a) promoting coordination with the other partners and (b) developing and refining information collection methods.

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Morocco to the questionnaire on violence against women 2012