Country Morocco
Year 2017 - 2021
Type of Measure Policies > Inclusion of violence against women in other national plan/strategy
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The Governmental Plan for Equality “ICRAM 1” for 2012-2016 focused in its second area on the combatting against all forms of discrimination and violence against women, calling for the unification and coordination of the efforts of the concerned sectors to combat all forms of discrimination and violence at both legal and institutional levels. The scheduled measures aimed to reinforce the legal and administrative arsenal in order to protect women and combat discrimination, to improve the scientific knowledge of this phenomenon and establish a tracking and monitoring system, to promote a preventive policy by addressing the causes of violence against women, and raise community awareness of the dangers of this phenomenon by developing a range of services. 

The Governmental Plan for Equality “ICRAM 2” 2017-2021 included objectives and indicators to fight this phenomenon and focused on: 
• Formulating and monitoring the execution of the “2019-2030 National Strategy to Combat Violence against Women”;
• Achieving the Second National Survey on Violence again Women and investing its results in refining  the sectorial strategy and programs;
• Keeping pace with the application and execution of the legal framework for combating violence against women;
• Common promotion and sharing of the culture of zero-tolerance for gender-based violence;
• Improving and disseminating services such as reception, listening, accommodation, accompanying women victims of violence at the territorial level;
• Preparing and executing an “awareness plan involving men and boys in combating gender-based violence.

Source of Information

Morocco's submission for National Review for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Beijing+25, 2019, p.8, p.12 and p.44-45