Year 2019 - 2020
Type of Measure Research and statistical data > Violence against women module in survey
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The 2019-20 RDHS included a module of questions designed to obtain information on the extent to which women and men in Rwanda experience domestic violence, including both intimate partner violence and violence by perpetrators other than spouses or other intimate partners. The module on domestic violence was administered in the subsample of households that were selected for the men’s survey. The module for women was administered in half of the households selected for the men’s survey, and the module for men was administered in the other half. In accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on the ethical collection of information on domestic violence, only one eligible woman age 15-49 or man age 15-59 per household was randomly selected for the module, and the module was not implemented if privacy could not be obtained (WHO 2001). In total, 2,788 women and 2,167 men completed the module. Less than 1% of women and men eligible for the domestic violence module could not be successfully interviewed with the module because privacy could not be obtained or for other reasons. Special weights were used to adjust for the selection of only one woman or man per household and to ensure that the domestic violence subsample was nationally representative.

Source of Information

National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) [Rwanda], Ministry of Health (MOH) [Rwanda], and ICF. 2021. Rwanda Demographic and Health Survey 2019-20 Final Report. Kigali, Rwanda, and Rockville, Maryland, USA: NISR and ICF.