Country South Africa
Year 2003
Type of Measure Research and statistical data > Violence against women module in survey
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The 2003 South African Demographic and Health Survey (SADHS) is the second survey of its kind in South Africa. The findings of the survey enable us to track the changes in the health status of our population, identify risk factors, access and utilisation of key health services for the five year period since the 1998 survey. The results of the SADHS provide valuable information for addressing important areas such as antenatal care for mothers during pregnancy and assistance at the time of delivery, child health, infant feeding practices, and the prevalence and treatment of diarrhoeal disease among children.


Information on adult health conditions, women’s reproductive intentions, fertility levels, knowledge about contraception and use thereof are also included in the findings.Questions on physical attacks were included in the SADHS questionnaire for the first time, to gauge the frequency of violent attacks in the broader population. One respondent per household was selected according to specified criteria. Emphasis was placed on the fact that privacy had to be ensured, otherwise questions around violence should not be asked. It was decided not to ask questions and for details relating to the perpetrator so that respondents did not feel anxious in cases where the perpetrator was an intimate partner or where the perpetrator was present in the home.

Full Text

South Africa Demographic and Health Survey 2003

Source of Information

Department of Health, Medical Research Council, OrcMacro. 2007. South Africa Demographic and Health Survey 2003. Pretoria: Department of Health.