Country Antigua and Barbuda
Year 2018
Type of Measure Violence against women > Legislation
Form of Violence Trafficking

Brief Description

The Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) (Amendment) Act of 2018 was preceded by the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Act 2010 and its first amendment in 2015. The 2015 amendment strengthens and compliments the 2010 Act and provides for the establishment of a Trafficking in Persons  (TIP) Prevention Committee which has the power to formulate policies and programmes to fulfil the objectives  of  the  Act. The 2018 amendment has special provisions related to sexual trafficking of children. Section 15 of the article states that perpetrators are liable to pay a fine of one million dollars and be imprisoned for twenty-five years. 

Source of Information

Antigua and Barbuda's submission for National Review for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Beijing+25, 2019, p.19 and p.40

For more information: Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) (Amendment) Act (2018)