Country Colombia
Year 2015
Type of Measure Violence against women > Legislation
Form of Violence Femicide/Feminicide, Sexual violence

Brief Description

The Law Against Femicide No. 1761 of 6 of July 2015, is included in The Criminal Code of the Republic of Colombia. Article 2 of Law 1761 states: Law 599 of 2000 will have an Article 104A wording as follows: Femicide. Who causes the death of a woman because of her womanhood or due to gender identity motives or where any of the following circumstances have occurred or preceded, be liable to imprisonment of two hundred and fifty (250) months to five hundred (500) months.

a) To have or have had a family, intimate or coexistence relationship with the victim, of friendship, companionship or of work and be perpetrator of a cycle of physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence that preceded the crime against her.
b) To exercise on the body and the life of the woman, acts of gender or sexual exploitation or actions of oppression and control over her life’s vital choices and her sexuality.
c) To commit the crime in harnessing of the power relations exerted on women, expressed in the personal, economic, sexual, military, political or sociocultural hierarchy.
d) To commit the offense in order to cause terror or humiliation to those who are considered as enemy.
e) That there is history or signs of any type of violence or threats at home, family, work or school sphere by the perpetrator against the victim or gender violence committed by the author against the victim, whether the act has been reported or not.
f) That the victim had been held from communications or deprived of her freedom of movement, whatever the previous time of death of the victim has been.

Source of Information

Statement by the Government of Colombia, Global Leaders' Meeting on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment (26 September 2015), p. 3; Colombia's submission for the 2015 Secretary - General's Report on the implementation of the CSW 57 Agreed Conclusions on the Elimination and Prevention of all forms of Violence against women and girls, p. 4.