Country Grenada
Year 2012
Type of Measure Violence against women > Legislation
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The Amendments to the Criminal Code 2012 makes the following provisions:
• Wider definition of rape to include anal penetration and recognition of marital rape;
• Sexual abuse of minors under 16 years old now includes boys.
• Parents, guardians and others who have actual custody of any child, and who have reason to believe that the child has been sexually abused, are mandated to report their suspicion to the Police, and are protected from liability, etc, once their suspicion was reported in good faith;
• Removal of the statute of limitation in regard to reporting incidents of sexual intercourse with a minor. Previously, it was required that the report be filed no more than three months after the alleged incident;
• Removal of the “honest belief” defence for defendants above the age of nineteen who are charged with sexual intercourse with a minor, but only if the minor is thirteen to sixteen years of age, not younger and if they were not charged with a similar offence previously. Before its removal, the “honest belief” provision had allowed any defendant to claim that he had reason to believe that the child was above the age of consent at the time of the incident;
• Increased penalties for sexual offences, for example, the crimes of rape and sexual intercourse with a minor carry a penalty of thirty (30) years in prison, a move from 15 years;
• Introduction of community sentencing among the sentencing options.

Source of Information

The Government of Grenada, National Review on Beijing +20 2014, pg 64