Country Guatemala
Year 2019
Type of Measure Institutional mechanisms
Form of Violence Trafficking

Brief Description

In July 2019, the Public Ministry, the Attorney General's Office (PGN) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (Mintrab) created the Inter-institutional Coordinator against Labor Exploitation and Child Labor (CICELTI), to jointly address the phenomenon of human trafficking in the modalities of labor exploitation, forced labor and child labor. The lines of action are: a) detection, b) attention to victims and c) referral of victims. the main actions implemented are: a) Inter-institutional route for the detection and attention of cases; (b) Platform for the online management and receipt of complaints; c) Dissemination campaigns in the media and social networks to encourage denunciation through the portal: I join; (d) Protocol for the comprehensive care of victims of the crime of trafficking in persons; (e) Operations to verify working conditions and rescue abused minors.

Source of Information

The Government of Guatemala's submission for the 2022 Secretary General’s Report on the implementation of the General Assembly Resolutions on Trafficking in Women and Girls