Country Peru
Year 2018
Type of Measure Justice > Protocols and guidelines
Form of Violence Femicide/Feminicide

Brief Description

The Feminicide Crime Investigation Protocol from a Gender Perspective (Protocolo de Investigación de los Delitos de Feminicio desde la Perspectiva de Género) offers members of the Public Prosecutor's Office simple and agile guidelines to effectively investigate and prosecute the crime of feminicide by providing tools, general guidelines and / or lines of action, in accordance with international standards for ensure gender mainstreaming and intersectionality; from the beginning of the investigation of the violent deaths of women (feminicide) until the culmination of the criminal process, in order to avoid impunity of the crime, facilitating the identification of signs and indications of gender-based violence associated with feminicidal contexts in the different phases of the investigation.

Source of Information

Peru's submission for National Review for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Beijing+25, 2019.

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