Country Armenia
Year 2007 - 2008
Type of Measure Prevention > Awareness-raising /Campaigns
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

Brief Description

In 2007, the government of Armenia joined the Council of Europe's struggle against all forms of violence, including domestic violence, which ran under the slogan "End violence against women". Campaign officials were named, and a programme of action that was subsequently approved by the minister for labour and social issues was drafted. The programme includes an entire array of events: meetings with the international and public sector and with concerned organizations,  the collection of information, translations, duplication and dissemination, printing and circulation of posters and booklets and their placement on appropriate electronic sites, legislative reforms, studies, etc. Organized within the framework of the campaign in 2007 and 2008 were round tables in the cities and provinces of the republic, with the participation of all concerned agencies, specialists, and representatives of NGOs and the mass media. The regional round tables, which were organized with the assistance of officials appointed to handle women's issues, involved the participation of community representatives. At the meetings, the participants were provided with all the requisite information and educational materials¾booklets, notebooks, posters, bookmarks, etc.

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Armenia to the questionnaire on violence against women, May 2009