Country Bangladesh
Year 2009
Type of Measure Services > Mapping of all services
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The Multi-Sectoral Programme on Violence Against Women (MSP - VAW) under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs has conducted a study in July and August 2009 entitled "Survey Mapping on Gender based Violence Against Women."  This study was designed to find out the progress of different Committees of GOB and activities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  This mapping is expected to assist the Government in forming new programmes dedicated to the issue of violence against women.

The study was divided in three phases as follows:

  • Collection of information about the activities of the NGOs working in districts, upazilas (sub-districts) and union level.  The list of the NGOs was collected from the DC.  A structured questionnaire was administered for this purpose.
  • Collection of information about GOB Committees working in districts, upazilas and unions.  In this phase, the MSP-VAW interviewed the key informant of the Committee. 
  • Collection of the opinions of different stakeholders who are working in the field of gender, i.e. Kazi, Immam, Ghotok, Upazila Chairman, UP Chairman. 

The study focused on information collected on the activities of GOB and NGOs from 64 districts, 64 upazilas (one of each district), and 64 unions (one from each selected upazila).  In order to conduct the survey, 16 field researchers were recruited. 

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Bangladesh to the questionnaire on violence against women 2010