Country Bangladesh
Year 2012 - 2014
Type of Measure Policies > National action plan specific to violence against women
Form of Violence Trafficking

Brief Description

The National Plan of Action for Human Trafficking (2012-2014) was launched by the Government on 19 May 2012.

The principal objectives of the National Plan of Action for Human Trafficking (2012-2014) are:

  • to provide for certain implementable activities to prevent and suppress human trafficking and protect the trafficking-victims;
  • to allocate the responsibilities amongst various government agencies and other implementing organizations for the implementation of these activities and monitoring the application/enforcement of existing laws.

Moreover, the present Action Plan aims to:

  • Prevent and prosecute the offences of human trafficking;
  • Ensure justice for the victims of trafficking through a comprehensive protective regime through state interventions and social actions, including measures for their rescue, recovery from the physical/psychosocial trauma, repatriation, rehabilitation and re-integration into families and society;
  • Develop an integrated information system comprising information about the traffickers, trafficked victims; state/social interventions & other ancillary issues;
  • Put in place a system of co-ordination and co-operation at the state and non-government organizations levels, both at home and abroad, with a view to effectively combating human trafficking;
  • Create responsibility for monitoring and reporting activities under the Action Plan, and to make aware all stakeholders & counter-trafficking committees about their responsibility to promote the implementation of the laws and the NPA 2012.

The main goals which the NPA 2012 for Combating Human Trafficking has set out, and under which activities will be undertaken are:

  • Prevention of Human Trafficking, Awareness and Mobilization;
  • Protection of Trafficking Victims/Survivors;
  • Prosecution of Human Trafficking Offences;
  • Development of Partnership, Participation, Co-ordination, & Cross-country Mutual Legal Assistance;
  • Development of a Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting System.

Source of Information

Ministry of Home Affairs