Country Bhutan
Year 2007
Type of Measure Other relevant laws > Employment/Labor law
Form of Violence Sexual harassment

Brief Description

Section 16 to 20 of Chapter II of the Labor and Employment Act 2007 addresses Sexual Harassment:

  • SECTION 16:

"An employer shall not sexually harass:

a. a person seeking employment with that employer; or

b. an employee of that employer."

  • SECTION 17:

"An employee shall not sexually harass:

a. another person employed by his or her employer;

b. his or her employer; or

c. a person seeking employment with his or her employer."

  • SECTION 18:

"For the purpose of section 16, 17 and 19, sexual harassment includes:

a. making unwelcome sexual advances or an unwelcome request for sexual favours to the other person; or

b. engaging in any other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature in relation to the other person."

  • SECTION 19:

"In section 16 to 18 "conduct of a sexual nature" includes:

a. subjecting a person to any act of physical intimacy;

b. making any oral or written remark or statement with sexual connotations to a person or about an in his or her presence; or

c. making any gesture, action or comment of a sexual nature in a person's presence."

  • SECTION 20:

"A person who contravenes section 16 to 19 shall be guilty of an offence which shall be a petty misdemeanor. In addition, the court may impose fine at the rate of the Daily Minimum National Wage Rate to a maximum of 3000 days in accordance to the severity of the offence." 

Full Text

Labor and Employment Act

Source of Information

CEDAW/C/BTN/Q/7/Add.1, p. 18 & 19