Country Bhutan
Year 2012
Type of Measure Research and statistical data > Dedicated violence against women survey
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

Bearing in mind the mounting concern of violence against women (VAW) as well as the increasing need to have baseline information on VAW for the country, NCWC undertook a study covering population in the rural as well as urban locations. This study is a first population based survey carried out on VAW in Bhutan using international standards of methodology.

The study was designed to:
1) obtain reliable data on the prevalence and various forms of violence against women/gender-based violence in the country;
2) identify the extent of different types of violence which are occurring or have occurred within the country;
3) identify the health needs, which arises as a result of these forms of violence;
4) examine the connection between types of VAW/GBV face to face with (in counterpart with) women’s education, economic status, and geographic location in the country;
5) identify the individual and community strengths and resources that exist to prevent and respond to VAW/GBV; and
6) Identify intervention strategies for prevention and treatment based on these community strengths and resources.

The report presents the findings against all the above listed objectives. Specifically, it highlights the prevalence of different forms of violence against women aged 15-49 and assesses the situations and characteristics associated with violence. It also explores the effects of violence on women as well as children and discusses the coping strategies used by women to respond to violence. On the basis of the major findings, the report includes recommendations for practical interventions for prevention and treatment of violence against women.

Full Text

Situation of Violence against Women in Bhutan

Source of Information

National Commission for Women and Children, 2012. Situation of Violence against Women in Bhutan.