Country China
Year 2013 - 2020
Type of Measure Policies > National action plan specific to violence against women
Form of Violence Trafficking

Brief Description

The State Council issued the “Action Plan against Trafficking in Persons (2013-2020)”, establishing a long-term mechanism for anti-trafficking and setting the general goal of “effectively curbing the crime of human trafficking” and “ensuring that victims are promptly rescued and properly resettled.” In 2016, the Supreme People’s Court issued the “Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Laws in the Trial of Trafficking Crime against Women and Children”, punishing the illegal and criminal acts of trafficking and effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of women. From 2015 to November 2018, the national courts concluded or completed the first trial of 2,806 cases concerning trafficking in women and children. Also, the courts concluded 288 cases of purchasing women and children trafficked.

Also, China actively uses information network technology to crack down on trafficking activities, further protecting the rights and interests of women and children. China continues to carry out national “Fight Trafficking” special actions and promotes tasks including investigating/detecting, arresting traffickers, and finding/rescuing abducted women and children. In 2009, the Ministry of Public Security established the world’s first DNA information database which has helped more than 5,500 abducted children reunite with their families. In 2016, the Ministry of Public Security established a “fight trafficking” system called “Reunion”. As of September 2018, the platform has released 3,419 missing children’s information and retrieved 3,367, with a recovery rate of 98.4%.

Source of Information

China's submission for National Review for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Beijing+25, 2019, p.29.