Country Lebanon
Year 2007
Type of Measure Prevention > Awareness-raising /Campaigns
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

Brief Description

In 2007 a national campaign against domestic violence was conducted for one month, from mid-June to mid-July. The aims of the campaign included the following:

  • To sensitize local communities to the issue of domestic violence and abuse of spouses, children and ageing persons and make changes in the behaviour of family members in order to enable them to resolve conflicts using dialogue and logic.
  • To raise awareness of the forms of violence to which women are subjected.
  • To spread a culture of non-violence in domestic relations (dialogue, affection).

The campaign was carried out with the participation of 39 social development centres, relevant NGOs and such local communities as municipalities and clubs.

The campaign targeted Lebanese mothers and fathers; teachers in public and private schools; adolescents and youth, particularly in refugee camps and clubs; newly married couples; service providers in hospitals and care institutions; and all sectors of the population (through public service announcements).

During the campaign, the following activities were undertaken:

  • A press conference attended by all relevant official, media and voluntary parties.
  • Awareness and information activities in social development centres throughout the country.
  • Television and radio interviews.
  • Televised public service announcements throughout the month of the campaign on violence against women and children.
  • Distribution throughout the year in all parts of the country of media, information and training materials, including posters, brochures and a training manual, through social development centres and NGO campaign partners.
  • At the suggestion of the committee that oversaw the campaign, and with the cooperation of civil society (municipalities, clubs, groups and institutions), a number of public information "roadblocks" were set up in many regions, including Alayh, Shuwayfat and Tripoli-Mina.
  • A huge mural calling for non-violence was set up in Tripoli-Mina by the local social development centre, with the cooperation of a group of volunteers.
  • A meeting on violence in the media was held in the Hawsh Al-Umara centre with representatives of the media in order to discuss the concept of violence and the extent to which violence in the media impacts on viewers. That meeting was important because of the support garnered among the media for the issue of resisting domestic violence.
  • An art competition was organized in schools and an exhibition on violence against children was displayed in many centres, including the Sidon neighbourhood centre, where 75 children participated, Burj Hammoud, where 25 children took part, and Bikfayya.
  • An essay competition was held in schools in many centres, the most successful of which was the competition that was held in the schools in the Sidon neighbourhood centre district, where 51 children entered. Results were announced and prizes distributed to the winners.
  • The "Silent Witness" exhibition was held throughout April 2007 in the Ghubayrah social development centre. The exhibit comprised the wooden silhouettes of 20 women who were the victims of domestic violence and included their stories.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has issued the following materials:

  • A training manual on the organization of awareness sessions to protect against domestic violence;
  • A brochure;
  • A poster;
  • Televised public service announcements on the issue.

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Lebanon to the questionnaire on violence against women, 2008