Country Mongolia
Year 2002
Type of Measure Social services > Hotline/Helpline, Education > Non-formal education
Form of Violence Trafficking, Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The Gender Equality Center (MGEC) was founded on 4 January 2002 with the aim of combating human trafficking, violence against women and gender inequality.

The MGEC currently has four programmes:

  • Victim Protection Programme;
  • Human Trafficking Prevention Programme;
  • Gender Equality Programme;
  • Migration Assistance Programme.

The MGEC has a hotline number: +9761903.

The MGEC has also developed a number of books and promotional materials on trafficking in persons including a "Handbook for Trainers", a "Child Protection Handbook for Social Workers", a "Handbook for Policemen to Work on Child Sexual Abuse Cases", and flyers called "A Victim", "What is trafficking in Persons", and "If Your Child is Sexually Abused."

Source of Information

CRC/C/MNG/3-4, p. 86