Country Pakistan
Year 2009
Type of Measure Social services > Shelter/Safe accommodation, Social services > Hotline/Helpline, Monitoring and Evaluation > Services
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence, Sexual violence

Brief Description

As at September 2009, the Ministry of Women Development had established 25 Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Centers for Women in order to provide relief/support to women victims of violence. These centers provide services including free legal advice to women victims of violence. The centers are open 24hrs a day and there is a universal access number available to victims of violence in order to obtain prompt access to the shelters. The centers provide shelter for up to 24hrs after which victims are referred to "Darul Aman" (Centers for women victims of violence established under the Provincial Women Development Departments).

Full Evaluation Text

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Centers for Women

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Pakistan to the questionnaire on violence against women, September 2009