Country Timor-Leste
Year 2009
Type of Measure Violence against women > Legislation
Form of Violence Trafficking

Brief Description

The Immigration and Asylum Act of 2003, the legal framework on Human Trafficking was elaborated with the enactment of the Penal Code in April 2009. The crime of human trafficking is covered under Art. 163 “crimes against individual freedom. Aggravating circumstances are specified in Art. 164 and further specific provisions under Article 165 - Trafficking of Human Organs and Article 166 - Human Sale.

In regards to prostitution and sexual exploitation, the new Penal Code establishes as a crime the sexual exploitation of a third in Art. 174, punishable up to a 10 years prison sentence (up to 12 years with aggravating circumstances). According to Art. 175 on „Prostitution of a Minor‟ (under 17 years old), penalties can rise up to 12 years in Art. 174; and up to 15 years for aggravating circumstances. Child pornography is referred to in Art. 176 and punishable with a 3 to 10 years prison sentence.

Source of Information

The Government of Timor-Leste's submission for the 2016 Secretary General’s Report on the implementation of the General Assembly Resolutions on Intensification of efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls, on Trafficking in women and girls,and on Intensifying global efforts for the elimination of female genital mutilations, P.9

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