Country Turkey
Year 2005
Type of Measure Violence against women > Legislation
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence, Sexual harassment, Other harmful practices, Trafficking

Brief Description

ARTICLE 80 - Trafficking in human beings

(1) Persons who provide, kidnap or shelter or transfer a person (s) from one place to another unlawfully and by force, threat or violence or misconduct of power or by executing acts of enticement or taking advantage of control power on helpless persons in order to force them to work or serve for others or to send them away where he is treated almost like a slave, are sentenced to imprisonment from eight years to twelve years and punished with punitive fine up to ten thousand days.

(2) In case of execution of acts which constitute offense in the definition of first subsection, the consent of the victim is considered void.

(3) In case of kidnapping, providing, sheltering or transfer of a person(s) who is under the age of eighteen, the offender is subject to the punishments indicated in the first subsection even if he did not execute the acts causing offense.

(4) Security precautions are applied for the legal entities committing such offenses.

ARTICLE 102 - Sexual abuse

(1) Any person who attempts to violate sexual immunity of a person, is sentenced to imprisonment from two years to seven years upon compliant of the victim.

(2) In case of commission of offense by inserting an organ or instrument into a body, the offender is punished with imprisonment from seven years to twelve years. In case of commission of this offense against a spouse, commencement of investigation or prosecution is bound to complaint of the victim.

(3) If the offense is committed;

a) Against a person who cannot protect himself because of corporal or spiritual disability,

b) By undue influence based on public office,

c) Against a person with whom he has third degree blood relation or kinship,

d) By using arms or participation of more than one person in the offense,

the punishments imposed according to above subsections are increased by one half.

(4) In case of use of force during the commission of offense in such a way to break down victim's resistance, the offender is additionally punished for felonious injury.

(5) In case of deterioration of corporal and spiritual health of the victim as a result of the offense, the offender is sentenced to imprisonment not less than ten years.

(6) In case of death of vegetal existence of a person as result of the offense, the offender is sentenced to heavy life imprisonment.

ARTICLE 105 - Sexual harassment

(1) If a person is subject to sexual harassment by another person, the person performing such act is sentenced to punishment from three years to two years upon complaint of the victim.  

(2) In case of commission of these offenses by undue influence based on hierarchy or public office or by using the advantage of working in the same place with the victim, the punishment to be imposed according to the above subsection is increased by one half.  If the victim is obliged to leave the business place for this reason, the punishment to be imposed may not be less than one year. 

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Turkey to the questionnaire on violence against women, 2008