Country Turkmenistan
Year 2009 - 2012
Type of Measure Coordinated and or Integrated service delivery > Integrated services delivery
Form of Violence Trafficking

Brief Description

The goal of Trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan: prevention, protection and capacity-building of national voluntary organizations is to contribute to combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan by strengthening local NGOs and national assistance to victims of trafficking. It will assist in the creation of strong NGO network to provide assistance to Victims of Trafficking  through reintegration and rehabilitation activities. The project encompasses a number of tasks that will be implemented, such as the establishment of the Rehabilitation center for the Victims of Trafficking, capacity building for local NGOs in the process of rehabilitation, and reintegration and identification of victims of trafficking in the country. Among other tasks and objectives, the establishment of the nationwide hotline will be an essential component of the project.

Source of Information

A/HRC/WG.6/16/TKM/1, para 92

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