Country Viet Nam
Year 2010
Type of Measure Research and statistical data > Dedicated violence against women survey
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

This report presents the findings of the National Study on Domestic Violence against women in Viet Nam. The report focuses on the prevalence and nature of domestic violence committed against women, primarily by their husbands; attitudes towards and perceptions of violence; the direct and indirect impact of violence on women and their children; and how women respond when they experience domestic violence.


The data collected is extremely rich and can be analysed further in order to study other issues such as risk and protective factors. We encourage researchers and practitioners to use the full data set from this study to examine and reveal other important dimensions of domestic violence in Viet Nam. The study findings together with key recommendations represent a valuable contribution to ending violence against women so that all Vietnamese women and children can enjoy a happy, safe and harmonious family life.


The analysis presented will be of use to policy-makers and planners at both national and provincial levels, to communities and their representatives at all levels of Vietnamese society, as well as to educators and government and non-government providers of services and support to women survivors of domestic violence in all sectors. Legal practitioners and authorities, and international and local development partners are also encouraged to use the findings in their work. We also hope that this research will serve the very important purpose of showing women who have been affected by domestic violence that they are not alone in being affected by this very serious problem.

Full Text

‘Keeping silent is dying’ Results from the National Study on Domestic Violence against Women in Viet Nam

Source of Information

General Statistics Office [Viet Nam], 2010. ‘Keeping silent is dying’, Results from the National Study on Domestic Violence against Women in Viet Nam.