Country Albania
Year 2013
Type of Measure Violence against women > Legislation
Form of Violence Sexual violence

Brief Description

Recent amendments to the Criminal Code criminalized forced sexual intercourse with adults or husband/partner without their consent, making it punishable from 3 to 10 years in prison under Law No 144/2013. Besides, sexual violence through sexual acts on the body of another person, using objects constitutes a criminal offence and is punishable by 3 to 7 years in prison; when in collusion against many persons more than once, or against children from 14 to 18 years old, it is punishable by 5 to 15 years in prison. Furthermore, when this offence is committed on a minor less than 14 years old, or a minor not yet in his/her sexual maturity, irrespective if there is force involved, is publishable by not at least 20 years in prison.

Source of Information

Government of Albania, National Review on Beijing+20, 2009-2013 page 12