Country Belarus
Year 2008 - 2010
Type of Measure Policies > Inclusion of violence against women in other national plan/strategy
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence, Trafficking

Brief Description

By Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 3 September 2008, No. 1286, the National Action Plan was confirmed for promoting gender equality in 2008-2010. The Plan has a section entitled "Preventing violence in society", which mandates the following measures:

  • making people aware of the standards of international law regarding the problem of violence against women;
  • improving legislation regarding preventing domestic violence;
  • protecting the victims of domestic violence by creating facilities of social adaptation and rehabilitation with "crisis rooms" in regional centres of social services for victims of domestic violence, taking into account the need for this kind of service;
  • organizing and conducting social, psychological, and judicial consultations for the victims of domestic violence;
  • conducting preventative work for preventing criminal offenses within the family;
  • conducting conferences, seminars, training sessions, educational courses on the subject of preventing violence against women with the purpose of improving the qualifications of specialists within state agencies on the basis of the International Research Centre for the training, advanced training and retraining of personnel in the area of migration and preventing trafficking in humans;
  • providing special training and hiring (for work situations) of women in law-enforcement agencies, who are responsible for taking action to prevent violence against women and children, special courses on the topic of violence and work with the victims of violence (trafficking in humans);
  • disseminating information regarding state, social, international organizations that operate in the area of preventing violence against women;
  • regularly conducting sociological surveys for the purpose of obtaining complete and objective information regarding all forms of violence against women - physical, sexual, psychological, and economic;
  • publishing methodological recommendations regarding working with the victims of violence, generalizing from the experience of state, social, and international organizations in the area of preventing violence against women;
  • continuing informational and educational activities regarding the problems of preventing domestic violence;
  • disseminating information regarding the activity of "hotlines" and of shelters for victims through the subdivision for citizenship and migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the administration for labour, employment, and social protection, the regional centres of social services, border crossing points, public health organizations, and other organizations.

This plan is the third programmatic document which has been developed for the purpose of promoting coordination in a work of state agencies, social organizations in the area of the practical realization of gender policy.

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Belarus to the questionnaire on violence against women, February 2009