Country Bulgaria
Year 2015
Type of Measure Budgets > Government allocation, Coordinated and or Integrated service delivery > Integrated services delivery
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

Brief Description

Annually by March 31, the Council of Ministers adopts a National Programme for Prevention and Protection against Domestic Violence and the funds for financing the activities for the program are determined every year with the law on the national budget and budgets of relevant ministries set out in the national programme. The annual budget of the Ministry of Justice allocates funds for non-profit legal entities which develop and implement programmes for prevention and protection against domestic violence, for providing assistance to victims of domestic violence, for training of persons delivering protection against domestic violence, and for correction of perpetrators.

The National Programme on Prevention and Protection against Domestic Violence for 2015 contains the following aspects:  

- Building of  institutional mechanisms for coordination and monitoring of the activities on prevention and protection from domestic violence (DN);   

- Raising the public awareness on the problems of domestic violence;                                                 

- Increasing the capacity of professionals and representatives of institutions responsible for implementing the measures for prevention and protection from domestic violence;                     

- Providing qualitative protection of victims and services for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence;    

- Improving legislation on protection from domestic violence and social support to victims and its synchronization with European legislative practices;                             - Development of mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of policies implemented for prevention and protection from domestic violence.                                                                                    

The programme provides for the preparation of a national coordination mechanism in support of the victims of domestic violence, aiming to make interaction among institutions more efficient. At present a reconciliation procedure is being conducted and after that the mechanism is to be signed by the institutions concerned.

Source of Information

The Government of Bulgaria, National Review on the Beijing +20, para. 92, 114, 115

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