Country Denmark
Year 2019 - 2021
Type of Measure Policies > National action plan specific to violence against women
Form of Violence Trafficking

Brief Description

The Fifth National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking 2019-2021 continues and develops previous efforts and ensures that Denmark continues to live up to international conventions. Work will continue to focus on identifying human trafficking whenever it takes place; to focus on investigation and prosecuting traffickers; and to make sure that victims receive the support and help they need. The objectives of the Action Plan are to:
- Build confidence in and knowledge about the possibilities for support and assistance for victims and potential victims of human trafficking
- Provide information on human trafficking in relevant communities and build knowledge and awareness about human trafficking and thereby prevent and reduce demand. 
- Prevent human trafficking through training relevant players and through knowledge and information. 
- Identify victims of human trafficking so that they can be offered assistance, support and prepared repatriation. 
- Offer prepared repatriation and reintegration to foreign nationals who are victims of trafficking, and who must or want to leave Denmark, to help them to a life without human trafficking. 
- Investigate and prosecute traffickers to help curb human trafficking. 
- Cooperate and coordinate to contribute to flexible, targeted and effective efforts against human trafficking. 
- Provide knowledge about human trafficking to strengthen efforts and limit demand for the services provided by victims. 
- Cooperate internationally to ensure exchange of experience and help maintain focus on human trafficking on the international agenda. 

The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking (CMM) is the core of the nationwide social initiatives under the action plan to combat human trafficking. CMM assesses whether individuals with legal residency in Denmark who have been victims of human trafficking should be offered services under the action plan. CMM is responsible for coordinating and developing the nationwide social assistance and support for victims of human trafficking, for coordinating cooperation in the area, and for collecting and disseminating knowledge and statistics.

Source of Information

Denmark's submission for National Review for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Beijing+25, 2019, p.8 and p.28-29

For more information: National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking 2019-2021