Country Malta
Year 2009
Type of Measure Administrative data > Police
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

Brief Description

Since 1998, the statistics department within the Malta Police collects data and produces the raw statistics necessary for review and analysis by other entities or departments as approved by the Commissioner of Police.  Data collected by the police comes directly from the use of the Police Incident Reporting System software at each police station. The type of data collected is QUANTITATIVE in nature (ie: number of domestic violence reports, in sub-classes such as Psychological Harm, Physical Force/Harm, by Arms Proper, Arms Improper, and sorted by district and location when required, as well as by time of incident).

The following list shows data on reports of domestic violence:

YEAR                                         NUMBER OF REPORTS

1999                                         130

2000                                         153

2001                                         167

2002                                         186

2003                                         208

2004                                         268

2005                                         236

2006                                         234

2007                                         279

2008                                         341

2009                                         314

Total of reports                       2966


Source of Information

Response of the Government of Malta to the questionnaire on violence against women, May 2009