Country Norway
Year 2012
Type of Measure Policies > National action plan specific to violence against women
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

Brief Description

The present action plan for 2012 is a follow-up to the Action Plan against Domestic Violence:Turning Point (2008-2011).  This new plan is intended to meet the need for continuity and strengthen the efforts against domestic violence in the short term.  It will apply in the period prior to the presentation of a white paper that the Government is planning to present in the course of 2012.  The white paper will summarise the status of the work, identify problems and challenges and set out objectives for the future work in this area.  The Government will follow up the white paper with a new action plan for the period 2013-2016.  The new plan will be based on the recommendations in the white paper and the evaluations of the children's houses and the efforts of the police to combat domestic violence, which will be presented in 2012. 

Source of Information

Ministry of Justice and Public Security