Country San Marino
Year 2012 - 2016
Type of Measure Health > Training
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

In 2012, CULTURE AND LANGUAGES OF VIOLENCE, training on violence (general course promoted by San Marino University), which was attended by some staff members of the Social Security Institute Services, namely the Mental Health Service, the Minors’ Service, the Disability Service, etc., as well as by some representatives of the Police Forces (Civil Police, Gendarmerie, Fortress Guard), in addition to the directors of schools of all types and levels and the Authority for Equal Opportunities.

In 2013, GENDER VIOLENCE AS A PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM:  SUGGESTIONS FOR RECEPTION AND TREATMENT, training held by Dr. Maria Russo and Elisabetta Pillai and addressed to the Minors’ Protection Unit, Minors’ Service, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit, Women's Health Unit, Paediatrics Unit, Pathological Addictions Unit, Primary Care and Territorial Health Unit, Emergency Care and Short Stay Unit.

In 2014, MEDICAL SEMIOTICS ON SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN AND PREPUBESCENT GIRLS held by Dr. Maria Rosa Giolito, Director of Family Counselling Centres and Community Paediatrics in Turin (Italy) and Head of the Multidisciplinary Team “Cappuccetto Rosso” (Turin). The course was addressed to all Social Security Institute’s health care staff (some representatives attended it).

Between 2015 -2016, Title: ONGOING TRAINING ON THE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GENDER VIOLENCE IN THE YEARS 2015/2016 (under Article 4 of Delegated Decree no. 60 of 19 March 2012 (Vocational training courses)) - Every year compulsory vocational training courses shall be organised with the objective of providing adequate instruments and specialised training to Magistrates, Police Forces, Professionals Associations, Social and Health Services, School Operators, Family Mediator. The organisation of such courses shall be entrusted to the Department of Education of the University of San Marino.F10


Source of Information

Response of the Government of San Marino to the Questionnaire on the Global Database on Violence against Women 2017