Country Australia
Year 2011
Type of Measure Work with public private sectors > Military
Form of Violence Trafficking, Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

Before deploying overseas, Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and defence civilians are provided with briefs on their personal status while in a foreign country, their mission, the continued application of the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982 (DFDA) and through it, Australian criminal law, to their conduct while deployed. In addition, personnel are briefed in general terms on the topics of international law (including the laws of armed conflict and human rights) and the relevant law of the host nation/receiving country. These briefs have preventative and deterrent effects, as they contribute to each individual's understanding of the standard of conduct expected of them and the possible criminal sanctions applicable should they engage in offending conduct including people trafficking. The ADF is subject to the various arrangements or agreements that regulate the ADF's relationship with the host country, or the UN.

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Australia to the questionnaire on violence against women 2011