Country Kiribati
Year 2005
Type of Measure Police > Protocols and guidelines
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

Brief Description

The presence and support of the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Program (PPDVP) since 2006 and the Pacific Regional Police Initiative (PRPI) since 2005 have assisted in incorporating violence against women and domestic violence into the police training curricula while at the same time working on changing of police attitude towards domestic violence. At the time this research was being conducted some outer island police were undertaking training on domestic violence from the PPDVP in-country mentor. Since then they have been working in collaboration with key council workers on their islands to raise awareness on domestic violence.

Further information regarding the PPDVP: The Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Program (PPDVP) is an initiative of the New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID), New Zealand Police (NZPOL) and the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP). The long-term goal of the programme is “a safer Pacific free from domestic violence”. 

The PPDVP will focus primarily on building the capacity of Pacific Police services to prevent/respond effectively to domestic violence.  This will include the development and maintenance of effective partnerships between Police and other agencies/NGOs with a role in preventing/responding effectively to domestic violence.   The programme will involve both regional and national level components.  At the regional level all Pacific countries will be invited to participate in a range of training, networking and information sharing activities aimed at building the capacity of Police services across the region to prevent/respond effectively to domestic violence, to develop effective regional partnerships and networking and to promote the prevention of domestic violence as a priority issue in the Pacific.

At a national level, the programme will work intensively with a limited number of Pacific countries, initially Cook Islands, Kiribati, Samoa and Tonga, to provide on the ground sustained support for the development of Police domestic violence policy, strategy, action plans, systems and training programmes. 

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Source of Information

Response of the Government of Kiribati to the questionnaire on violence against women, June 2009