Country Kiribati
Year 2007
Type of Measure Research and statistical data > Other research and statistical data
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

Brief Description

This research was part of the wider Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme (PPDVP) which is an initiative of the New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID), New Zealand Police (NZPOL) and the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP). The programme builds on earlier NZAID and NZPOL support for domestic violence prevention in the Pacific.

This Kiribati Report on domestic violence is one of four national studies carried out under the PPDVP, the others being for the Cook Islands, Tonga and Samoa. The research adopted the definition of domestic violence used by the PPDVP: that is, “violence against women by a partner or spouse”. The study had two main components. The first centred broadly on Police understandings of and responses to domestic violence. The second component had multiple strands, covering government, NGO and community understandings and responses.

The broad aims of the research were to:
• establish what data were available in each country;
• try to assess the extent of domestic violence and people’s responses to it; and
• engage agencies and communities in reflection on domestic violence.

Full Text

Kiribati Report:Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Program

Source of Information

Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Program