Country New Zealand
Year 2009
Type of Measure Perpetrators Programme
Form of Violence Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

Brief Description

Domestic Violence programmes are delivered by community-based providers to help offenders identify their thinking and lifestyle and their use of violence. They teach offenders the skills needed to live without violence, such as controlling violent impulses and conflict resolution. Programmes are for both men and women. The programme content varies depending on the provider but all programmes encourage offenders to:

  •  take responsibility for their violence and abuse
  •  deal with victim impact and empathy
  •  explore patterns of abusive behaviour
  •  adopt values and behaviours that prevent or stop violence
  •  develop skills to deal with potential conflict in non-abusive ways.

Programmes typically use cognitive behavioural approaches, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention plans, power and control analysis, and appropriate cultural material. The Department of Corrections does not fund anger management treatment programmes. The duration of programmes will vary on length and format and differ depending on the provider but have a minimum of ten sessions (these may include individual counselling).

Domestic Violence Treatment programmes are available nationwide. 

Whether the programme is mandatory (e.g. ordered by the court) or voluntary is dependent on eligibility. To be eligible for domestic violence treatment, offenders must have an identified rehabilitative need of violence and have a special condition through the courts (i.e. special condition of sentence imposed by a Judge which is managed by the Department of Corrections) to attend a treatment programme.

During 2009/10, up to 2,500 offenders per annum will attend these Domestic Violence Treatment programmes in the community.


Source of Information

Response of the Government of New Zealand to the questionnaire on violence against women, 2009