Country Zambia
Year 2011
Type of Measure Institutional mechanisms
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The Anti Gender-Based Violence Committee was established by the Anti Gender-Based Violence Act of 2011, in its Articles 31 and 31.2.

Article 31:

(1) There is hereby established the Anti-Gender-Based Violence Committee.
(2) The provisions of the Schedule apply in respect to the Committee.
(3) The Committee shall-
(a) monitor the activities of all the relevant institutions on matters connected with gender-based violence;
(b) make recommendations for a national plan of action against gender-based violence;
(c) monitor and report on the progress of the national plan of action;
(d) advise the Minister on policy matters connected with gender-based violence;
(e) propose and promote strategies to prevent and combat gender-based violence;
(f) recommend guidelines for disbursements from the Fund; and
(g) deal with any matter relating to gender-based violence.

Source of Information

Anti Gender-Based Violence Act (2011)