Country Liberia
Year 2006 - 2011
Type of Measure Policies > National action plan specific to violence against women
Form of Violence Sexual violence, Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

This Plan of Action which was launched in November 2006 is the result of multiple and comprehensive consultations and participatory exercises by all stakeholders, under the leadership of the Ministry of Gender and Development. The process began by conducting a series of assessments to determine and analyze the situation, identify the gaps in prevention and response, and the strategy to fill those gaps. These efforts culminated into the formulation and adoption of the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) National Plan of Action to minimize the high rate of GBV in the communities, and to also give quality care to survivors using a multi-sectoral and inter-agency approach. This plan categorizes GBV interventions into five thematic areas: psychological, including economic empowerment of women and girls, health, legal/justice, protection/security, and coordination. Each of the five areas will implement different activities to address fully the specific needs of survivors, as well as women and girls that are vulnerable to GBV, including sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA).

The Plan of Action is committed to achieving the following:

a) A system and outreach service in place for psycho-social support, including safe homes and economic empowerment for survivors of GBV, including SEA.

b) A strengthened health sector for effective and efficient response to GBV case management, diagnostic, documentation and reporting on clinical evidence.

c) A strengthened criminal justice system where cases of Gender Based Violence are judiciously adjudicated without delay, and where due process is given to survivors and perpetrators of GBV.

d) A well developed and integrated national protection system with the capacity to prevent and respond effectively and efficiently to GBV.

e) A strengthened institutional framework for the coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the National GBV Plan of Action for the prevention and case management of GBV, including SEA.

Full Text

National Plan of Action for the Prevention and Management of Gender Based Violence

Source of Information

Response of the Government of Liberia to the Beijing +15 questionnaire, 2009; CEDAW/C/LBR/6, par. 7.23 and 7.24