Country Trinidad and Tobago
Year 2003
Type of Measure Social services > Psycho-social counselling, Social services > Longer term support (Education, Employment, Housing and Financial)
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The Women in Harmony Programme aims to provide an opportunity for women who head households as single parents and with low/no skills and low/no income to obtain a marketable skill, so as to improve their chances in obtaining employment.

In 2003, the Cabinet agreed by Minute #761 dated 10 April 2003 to the implementation of the Women in Harmony Programme.  The Gender Affairs Division continues to receive numerous requests from many women who need to support themselves and their children, and/or escape from abusive situations.  This Project has started the process of breaking the cycle of poverty and dependency in the lives of many women who are faced with inadequate education, low level skills or no skills, and the general lack of opportunities for advancement.

The Programme involves training women between the ages twenty-six (26) to forty-five (45) years in the following skills: elderly care and Agriculture with emphasis on landscaping/grow box technology/short crops farming.

The objectives of the Programme are as follows:

  • To train women in skills related to the care of elderly persons, landscaping, floriculture, horticulture and the grow box method;
  • To enhance self-esteem of females; and
  • To empower women to become employable in the fields of geriatric care and agriculture.

During the period 2007-2008, under a total of four hundred and two (402) persons completed the three month programme.

For more information on the Women in Harmony Programme, please refer to the Gender Affairs Division Annual Report (2007-2008), p. 13-16.

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Women in Harmony Programme

Source of Information

Website of the Gender Affairs Division; Annual Report of the Gender Affairs Division (2007-2008), p. 13