Country Cambodia
Year 2014
Type of Measure Research and statistical data > Dedicated violence against women survey
Form of Violence Violence against women and girls

Brief Description

The Royal Government of Cambodia recognizes that violence against women is a serious social and public health concern and is rooted in gender inequality. The health and social consequences are staggering. Violence not only affects the women who are survivors themselves, but the children who are exposed to it and ultimately the broader community. This calls for a comprehensive and coordinated response across sectors and levels of society that is informed by strong evidence and international best practice.


In Cambodia, the study rigorously documents the magnitude and nature of sexual, physical and emotional violence experienced by women. It finds that women are at greatest risk of violence from their intimate partners, and that this violence is often frequent and severe. Among women who reported that they had been injured by their partner, almost all (90%) reported that they had been hurt badly enough to need health care. While violence against women remains under-reported and its health consequences under-recognized, the study finds that women in Cambodia face significant physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health consequences from such violence. Intimate partner violence is not only a leading public health threat, but one with which many people are familiar. This study confirms that women who disclose their experience of violence most often do so to family members or neighbours. Social mobilization can therefore increase the visibility of this issue and community awareness that it is not acceptable.

Full Text

National Survey on Women’s Health and Life Experiences in Cambodia

Source of Information

Ministry of Women's Affairs, 2015. National Survey on Women's Health and Life Experiences in Cambodia.